Parent Resources

Resources from the Mensa Education and Research Foundation (MERF)
Slideshare presentation listing the foundation’s free resources for parents and teachers

Working With Your Child’s School
Building partnerships between parents and teachers
List of tips in talking with the teacher
Advantages/disadvantages in informing teacher of your child’s giftedness
How to advocate for your child
Tips on how to support your gifted child
Characteristics of a good gifted program
Info sheet on curriculum compacting
Info sheet on clustering
Characteristics of a good teacher for gifted students

Parent Resources
Document ressources pour les jeunes doues (Mensa Montreal)
The gifted adults foundation IHBV publishes leaflets about a specific theme in relation to giftedness
Let’s Talk Science provides STEM programs and services for youth and educators
Site with extensive links on Gifted children with special needs
Article on how parents can support their gifted child
How to nurture the social/emotional needs of the gifted child
Publisher specializing in gifted materials

Provincial/Territorial Policies (Canada) Referencing Gifted Education (BC, Special Education Policy: Gifted, 2010) (PDF file) (Alberta – School Act: Special Education, 2000) (PDF file) (Saskatchewan, 1992) (PDF file) (Manitoba, 2001) (Ontario, 2007) (PDF file) (New Brunswick, 2007) (Gifted Ed and Talent Development) (Nova Scotia) (Development Guide) (Nova Scotia) (Total Talent Portfolio with DVD) (Nova Scotia) (PDF file) (Prince Edward Island, IEP Planning Guide, 2005) (Newfoundland/Labrador, 2010) (Northwest Territories, 2006) (Nunavut, Education Act, 2009) (PDF file) (Yukon, 1995)

Provincial Organizations
Haut Potentiel Québec (Gifted Child’s Association of BC) (Action for Bright Children: Calgary Society) (Association for Bright Children of Ontario) (Association for Bright Children, New Brunswick Chapter) (Provincial listings of organizations for the gifted and talented)

Gifted Education Sites (Canada)
Extensive listing of gifted sites/resources in Canada and abroad
Gifted site for educators

Gifted Education Sites (Outside of Canada)
Gifted Education Certification Program at ASU Online (Arizona State University)
One of the more well known gifted ed sites
Supporting teachers of gifted ed in the UK
Western Australia gifted ed site
Rhode Island site on gifted/talented
New South Wales/Australia site on gifted ed
Supporting Social Emotional Needs of the Gifted
US organization supporting gifted students
National Research Center on Gifted/Talented in US
Gifted ed resource center in the US
National Association of Gifted Children – US
Gifted kids site – Ireland
Stanford University’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth