Mensa World Photo Cup 2015

The results are in! Here are your Mensa world photo cup winners:


10: "Collapse" by Shuli Qu, USA
10: “Collapse” by Shuli Qu, USA
9: "Urgency by Aesob" by Kim Carroll, Australia
9: “Urgency by Aesob” by Kim Carroll, Australia
8: Linksview Road" by Warwick Hooke, Australia
8: Linksview Road” by Warwick Hooke, Australia
7: "Before the Storm" by Dimitrios Spyropoulos, Greece
7: “Before the Storm” by Dimitrios Spyropoulos, Greece
6: "F***ing Urgency" by Ineke Stofmeel, Netherlands
6: “F***ing Urgency” by Ineke Stofmeel, Netherlands
5: "Urgency 1" by Ingunn Omholt, Canada
5: “Urgency 1” by Ingunn Omholt, Canada


4: "Dust Jump" by Dušan Kozoderović, Serbia
4: “Dust Jump” by Dušan Kozoderović, Serbia
3: "Respect your time" by Krzysztof Skórka, Poland
3: “Respect your time” by Krzysztof Skórka, Poland
2: "Unexpected Call" by Balazs Zoltan Szügyi, Hungary
2: “Unexpected Call” by Balazs Zoltan Szügyi, Hungary
1: "A race against the melting point" by Nelleke Boonstra, Netherlands
1: “A race against the melting point” by Nelleke Boonstra, Netherlands


Congratulations to Ingunn Omholt from Canada on making the top 5!