Reflections by Mahesh Gopalan

Winner of the poetry category, Mensa Canada 2017 Literary Contest

As a toddler,
I failed to understand,
Her sudden absence.

Why me, sobbed I,
During those dark days.

She loved me,
Held my little hand,
In hers.

Cuddled me,
Taught me,
Comforted me.

She was always,
My rock,
In a strange world.

The time,
We had together,
Was short, but sweet.

The warm memories,
Now come flooding in,
Every year, on this day.

It’s been 20 years,
Now I’m a man,
But even then,

This day,
Can’t stop me,
From shedding a tear.

And every anniversary,
I say, Goodbye Mom,
Till we meet again.