Report Bugs

You know how it is – the fastest way to find out what you’ve missed is to have houseguests come over. That dirty sock you lost a week ago magically appears on the coffee table half an hour into the party. The spider that’s been hiding near the bathroom window will teleport to the couch as soon as your boss’ arachnophobe wife sits down.

Unveiling a new home adds a whole extra level of Murphy’s Law. There are things in play that haven’t had years of testing. Odds are someone will figure out how to make the stair railing fall off.

If you’ve found a sock, a spider is mincing up to you, or you’re wondering why you’re in the living room and the front porch railing’s still in your hand – shoot email to to tell us about it. We’ll blush a suitable shade of pink and scurry right over to fix it.

Please be gentle – we’re just as scared of the spiders as you are.

(Psst! For you detail-oriented competitive types, there are 800kg bugs hiding on 3 pages. If you tell us where they are, it’ll make us all warm and fuzzy that you care, and we’ll bask in your awesomeness. No pressure.)