Privacy Policy


The Board of Directors of the Mensa Canada Society recognizes that a Privacy Policy is required to protect the interests of members of the Society. In a world where publication of personal information may lead to unwanted attention from unwelcome sources and an electronic world where invasion of privacy and inappropriate access to personal information are serious concerns, the Mensa Canada Society has a responsibility to respect the rights and wishes of its members regarding their personal information. Additionally, the Government of Canada has passed Privacy legislation, with additional aspects to take
effect in 2004, and the Society is legally required to take note of, and operate within the boundaries of, such legislation.

The Policy

The Mensa Canada Society will publish on the “Member Only” pages of its website, a register of members which shall contain the following information:

  • Member name
  • Address with postal code
  • Desired contact telephone number
  • Email address

Any member has the right to have any of this information suppressed but must recognize that such suppression removes any opportunity for such member to be contacted by other members, including the local group of which he/she is a member where the local group wishes to advise its members of any special events.

The Mensa Canada Society will facilitate the distribution of MC2, the national Mensa Canada magazine and local newsletters by providing all editors/publishers with mailing labels for all members entitled to receive such publications.

Any directory or register of members published in hard copy or other form will contain only the information published on the website. Again, members may elect to be excluded from such a publication but must recognize the aforesaid constraints on contact by other members or local groups.

The office of the Mensa Canada Society will maintain a full database of member information. This includes, but is not limited to the following information:

  • Member name
  • Address with postal code
  • Home telephone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • Date joined
  • Qualifying information (e.g. score on qualification test or prior evidence scores)

Local officers such as Local Secretaries, Membership Officers, Regional Representatives etc. are provided selected portions of this information, with the exception of qualifying information, in order to contact new and current members in their areas for participation in local activities.

The Mensa Canada Society, linked through its website, facilitates the use of third party message boards where members may elect to share additional information about themselves, including hobbies, additional affiliations etc. The use of such message boards will not be controlled by Mensa Canada and is strictly optional on the part of members.

Under no circumstances will the Mensa Canada Society release its membership list to any outside organization and information contained in the register of members is not, under any circumstances, to be used for commercial purposes.