Forgot Your Password?

Sooner or later, we all have trouble logging in somewhere.

This guide will help you through the process of recovering your username and password for Mensa Canada’s national site and the attached chapter sites. All of the sites on the domain use the same login credentials.

If you’ve forgotten your membership number, please skip directly to contacting the national office for assistance. Otherwise, please read on.

During this process, you will need access to the email address that is on file for your membership. The server will send you a link to click in step 3.

If the admin office does not have your current email address on file, you will need to contact the webmaster for personal assistance.

Without further ado, on with the show!

1 – Click the Lost Password button in the Login widget at right.

Login widget with Lost Password link highlighted

2 – Type in your registered email address and click the Get New Password button.

Form asking for username or email address, with Get New Password button underneath

3 – Check your email and click the link at the bottom of the email the server sent you. (Note: your membership number is your username, and it appears in the middle of this email.)

Example of email from server containing username and password reset link

4 – Type in a strong password you want to use, type it again to confirm, and click the Reset Password button to lock it in.

Form with two blanks to enter and confirm chosen password, with Reset Password button at bottom

5 – Click the Log In link on the screen confirming that your password has been reset.

Password reset confirmation message with Log In link at end

6 – Enter your username (your membership number, as shown in the server email) and password, and click the Log In button to finish the process.

Login screen with blanks to enter username and password, with Log In button at bottom