AGM Audience Guide

The 2020 AGM will be presented as a Microsoft Teams Live Event. We strongly recommend that members use a laptop or desktop computer and a common browser (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

The screen captures below give a guide to what to expect in a Teams Live Event, and where to find/how to use the common audience controls.

Please remember that there will be 4 (four) motions to vote on during the meeting. If you wish to vote during the meeting, please keep the AGM page open in another browser tab/window while watching the AGM video stream.

Step 1 – Click the meeting link that you received via email, and also see on the AGM page. This should launch your web browser, and send it to the Teams launcher page.

Step 2 – Click the “Watch on the web instead” button

click "watch on the web instead" button


Step 3 – Click the “Join anonymously” link. This will send you on to the event itself. If you arrive early, you will see a screen saying the event will start soon. The meeting is started manually by the producer when the presenters are ready, so the start time may vary by a minute or two.

click "join anonymously"


Step 4 – If you have a question for the moderator(s), click the “Ask a question” button.

click the "ask a question" button


Step 5 – Enter your name and membership number, and type your question in the “Ask a question” blank.

enter your name and membership number, and let the moderators know you're here and who is watching with you


Step 6 – Click the arrow button to send your question.

click the arrow button to submit your question


Step 7 – Your questions will appear in the “My questions” tab. (Also shown on this screen, an example of fuzzy video resulting from low bandwidth. If the meeting looks fuzzy, try turning off other things that are using your internet connection.)

your questions appear in "My Questions", and low bandwidth may cause fuzzy video


Step 8 – The moderator(s) may choose to publish your question, so that the rest of the audience can see the question and answer. You will be able to see questions from other audience members if the moderator(s) publish them. Published questions appear under the “Featured” tab. The red dot beside the Featured tab is your cue that there are questions/answers that have been published, but you haven’t seen yet.

a red dot beside the "Featured" tab indicates published questions for all audience members to view


Step 9 – This is an example of a published question visible to all attendees. Note that the reply feature is not available. If you need to submit a follow-up, ask a new question.

an example of a published question viewable by all attendees


Step 10 – You can reply to the moderator’s answer if the question is not published for public view.

use the reply line under the moderator's response if needed on private questions


Step 11 – Please click the “Leave” button to exit when the event ends.

please click the "Leave" button to exit at the end of the event